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Muusic Media Limited has been incorporated to accommodate the development and growth of our digital platform for DJ’s around the world to promote themselves and their music.

Using state of the art technology our digital platform muusic.FM we are able to live stream music directly from event, gig or party, this coupled with pre-scheduled shows gives muusic.FM 24/7 music output.

With Worldwide renowned DJ’s providing content along with listeners and DJ’s supporting us via social media channels the Muusic Media family continually grows. We have reached many milestones on our journey so far which has allowed us to develop a state of the art website with the necessary bandwidth to support and build towards our full potential.

As we grow muusic.FM we will undoubtedly attract sponsors and advertisers which will allow us to become the digital platform of choice, enabling you to find your favourite DJ artist/producer, their links to their current sounds while enabling developers, producers, engineers, singers and musicians to reach out to each other. The music industry is a fast paced world and Muusic Media wants to make everyone’s dreams a possibility by connecting people globally. Whether you’re within the industry or not just switch us on, sit back, listen and enjoy the music!


Paul Cartwright Founder of muusic.FM, has incredible energy and 20+ years’ experience within the music production and distribution arena coupled with developing large house hold brands (GroupOn/AirBnB/Handy) through senior posts within digital marketing organisations.

Julian Usher A founding partner and Business manager at muusic.FM, brings 25+ years’ experience of working globally within the technology and finance resourcing sector and brings a wealth of global connections helping muusic.FM develop its strategy and revenue sources. Julian has been a long-time advocate of House and Dance music stretching back to its birth in the late 1980’s.


“if you like what we are doing and would like to be involved then please contact us!”


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