David Dorado Spain

Spain // Barcelona



David Dorado is a Spanish DJ who is known for offering sessions and shows full of rhythms.

David Dorado and a reference in the nights of Madrid with his performances in clubs such as D’Boveda, Areia, lola 09, Epoka, Dekada and private parties, other prominent sites have been Illusion in Zamora, Seville. in Ibiza as in previous years but last year it was his first opening on the terrace of Aperture and Ibiza made the leap to Mallorca at the opening of Cafe del Mar.

With a characteristic tech house style, House and with the management of several styles creates sessions for authentic enjoyment.
Dorado began in the 90s to become interested in music and especially in tech and house music, but it was not until the 2000s that he decided to start getting involved more professionally.

The club culture that he saw and heard during those years is what has led him to have such a distinctive style and to be able to offer a rhythmic and dance show.


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