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Vasco Gumede also known as Laze Breaks is a long serving member of London’s unique pirate radio community and a founding member of two of London’s most known unknown DJ collectives The Shoreditch Heart Breakers and the Black Vynal Crew (B.V.C). A self confessed house music addict he says “there is some kind of house for any occasion”.  But despite regularly enjoying playing an eclectic selection of musical genres on both radio shows and live gigs he feels “house music still has the best all round discipline and demand for high quality production but also welcoming more low tech approaches, and besides its estranged sibling hip hop it’s the most adaptable to variations influenced by both local and global cultures.”

Since 2006 he has been curating and distributing free mix tapes. Whilst still on the grind towards the upper echelons of notoriety,  he delivers a world-class standard of formulated soundscapes, free from adverts for upcoming “raves”, excessive jingles and the latest number 1 song. This subtle nuance has not gone unnoticed, he recalls “punters and peers in the industry will often tell me where and when they first heard a mix or were randomly handed a disc by me or who they stole it from.”, which for him far outweighs the monetary aspect of performing live gigs and he is adamant he will always try to channel his addiction into free shareable medium. So moving forward foundations are in place for Laze Breaks to bring more of the house music and underground culture to televisions, monitors and phone screens as a multi discipline content creator and director for both The Underground Filter and Muusic.TV, a natural progression it would seem for a man that leaves you feeling like you just watched a movie as his mixtapes draw to a close with that iconic crackle of white noise.



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