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Mr South aka Roger Nell

Anchored deep within the dance music movement since its inception, Mr South’s 30 year DJ career has seen him rise to prominence within all aspects of the culture. From sound systems to music production to signature events, his instincts have kept the grooves flowing and the dancefloors electric.

Meeting George Kelly and Mark G at a DMC competition he was playing at, together they formed Catch 22 sound system. Breaking out of North East London as the acid house wave began to swell, they played a vivid spectrum of P-Funk, Soul, Funk, Disco, Hip Hop and House. Taking up a regular slot on pirate radio station Touch FM he was also heavily involved with Soul Inc and Obsession sound systems.

Joining Eskimo Noise in 1989, he quickly became their principal sound engineer and supplied both hardware and audio professionalism to World Dance; Goldie; Prodigy, Orbital; Asian Dub Foundation; Carl Cox, Colin Faver and many others.

His music production began to flourish with the formation of AcidHeadZ and the Biotoxic Corporation while the sunshine flowed from For the Funk of It sound system. Recent years have seen a number of tracks with keyboard sensation Davos.

In 2008 as the old school revival was beginning to explode, Mr South met legendary acid house promoter Wayne Anthony who launched a series of reunion events with Mr South production managing and DJing. He went on to manage the Genesis 88 radio station and plays out regularly. He is best known for his deep and penetrating acid sets.


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