Music Industry Leader Paul Cartwright Joins Howdoo

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Music Industry Leader Paul David Cartwright Joins Howdoo

Plus Our Post-ICO Plan

There are big changes underway at Howdoo, and we’re excited to share some of them with you. With our successful ICO finished, we’re now shifting gears and aggressively developing our decentralized social platform.

It’s appropriate that disruptive technologies like blockchain use disruptive funding methods like ICOs. But without a strong post-ICO plan, however, it’s difficult (or impossible) for a team to deliver on its promises.

Howdoo is different. We’re building a long-term, lasting business we believe will truly revolutionize the relationship between content creators, fans, and advertisers.

In that spirit, here are a few exciting announcements.

We’re thrilled to introduce the addition of Paul David Cartwright to our team. Paul started in the music industry at the tender age of 13 when he worked at a local radio station. In 1995, Paul began working for a well-known music distribution company and shortly-after co-founded Red Rose Recordings.

After releasing 3 top ten hits with Red Rose, Paul moved on to co-found his own distribution company where he signed Wiley’s first track and had another hit with Body Groove by The Architects.

Throughout his career, Paul has pushed boundaries by helping introduce new genres to audiences across the world, such as US House Drum, Bass Grime, and UK Hip Hop to huge success.

In 2007, Paul moved away from physical music distribution to join Groupon as a Head of eCommerce, work with key startups, and eventually return to his first love: radio. He set up Muusic.fm Muusic Media Limited and works with key cloud radio technology brands around the world.

At Howdoo, we’re very excited to team with Paul and help develop our global music strategy. As a creator-focused platform, Howdoo is poised to become THE destination for musicians and artists of all kinds. Paul’s experience will surely help develop the critical partnerships we’ll need to achieve this goal.

If you’re a musician or represent a music label and are interested in learning more about Howdoo’s social platform, reach Paul by emailing pc@howdoo.io.

Next Steps in Building Our Platform

Now that the ICO is complete, our technical team is hard at work continuing to develop the Howdoo platform.

Howdoo’s goal is to become a truly global social platform powered by blockchain technology. This is much more difficult than it sounds! (Read why in our technical whitepaper.)

Fortunately, we’ve got some top talent working to create a platform for our own social network. Developers can build their own dApps using Howdoo.

If you’re interested in gaining alpha access to Howdoo, visit www.howdoo.ioand enter your Google email address. (Sorry, Android only right now — but iOS and web coming soon!)

Ultimately, all of this is to achieve our goal of giving users, content creators, and advertisers greater control over privacy and data. We want to transform social media so it’s not just the platform earning revenue, but all participants sharing fairly.

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